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Integrative Psychology:  Awareness based, Insight oriented, Goal focused

Integrative psychology merges Western psychological interventions with Nondual and Buddhist meditation practices to address a variety of mental health and spiritual concerns.  Dr. Mike finds the greatest sense of well-being and healing comes from living a life of presence, vulnerability, and awareness.  Integrative psychology: awareness based, insight oriented, goal focused.

Populations served:

  • Veterans and active duty service members
  • Individuals
    • Adults
    • Elders
    • Older Adolescents (17-18yrs old)
  • Couples

Issues addressed:

  • PTSD and trauma (covers incidents throughout lifespan)
  • Combat trauma/Post-combat adjustment
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Caregiver and compassion fatigue
  • Spiritual emergence or crises
  • Work-related stress
  • Lifestyle and health change support
  • Relational issues including lack of intimacy, miscommunication, resentment, and anger
  • End-of-life inquiry (dignity therapy, purpose and meaning, and other existential questions)

What you can expect from Dr. Mike:

  • Kindness, compassion, humor, and directness
  • Encouragement to practice new skills
  • outside of the clinic
  • Collaborative exploration of issues
  • Goal-focused and value-driven sessions promoting behavioral changes


Initial Assessment:  $200 (50-60 min)

Individual therapy:  $150 (50 min)

Couples therapy:  $150 (50 min)

He has reserved a limited number of spaces for reduced-cost sessions.  Please speak with him about your financial needs.

Insurance Coverage:

Michael is on some insurance panels in Idaho this list will continue to grow.  He also accepts private pay patients.

Hours and Location:

Michael is seeing clients at North End Wellness:  1310 W. Hays St, Boise, ID.

Please call 503-962-9025 to make an apt.

He generally sees people Tue-Friday from 9-4pm.



As a psychologist Michael is trained in organizational and institutional development.  He regularly consults with non-profits and large organizations alike on various program development projects, reserach studies, self-care seminars, and strategic planning.  He specializes in creative problem solving, and combines his facilitation skills with creativity to address interpersonal or systemic issues within organizations.  He works closely with Richard Miller, Phd to help bring iRest to veteran populations as well as study its efficacy in the clinical realm.  He also consults with the Institute of Noetic Sciences on their Future of Meditation Research project, which can be found at www.noetic.org/fomr.   Please contact Michael if you are interested in having him serve your organization.  Feel free to contact Cassandra Vieten or Richard Miller as references for Michael’s work.


Ayurveda is the sister science to Yoga; and actually, one does not exist without the other.  Ayurveda provides the pathway to optimal health by holistically treating ailments, diseases and discomforts by balancing our diet, routine, exercise and lifestyle according to our own personal constitution.

Ayurveda aims our attention inward starting from the outer body, into the tissues and organs, next, the central digestive tract which provides the pathway for eliminating toxin and finally into the subtle and casual body where the seeds of our existence and Consciousness are located.  And once here we can continue our Yoga practice of chanting, prayer, mental investigation, raja, and karma yoga to finally merge with that force of creation.  Ayurveda relies on Yoga’s understanding of the mind and our Divine consciousness to create a program specific to our deeper selves.  Our work with our bodies is considered Divine work.  And with knowledge of Ayurveda, as the balancing practice of Yoga, we can truly begin our healing and transformation.

For those of you interested in a personal consultation to better understand your own physical nature and how best to balance what is deranged within I suggest making an appointment with Richard Haynes of Ayurveda Plus.  To read what I have written about Richard please click here.

Vedic Athletics

This training will increase your ability to remain focused, relaxed and mentally prepared for any competitive or athletic event.

Joining Mindfulness, Ayurveda, Yoga and exercise we prepare you for an event by changing the way you view exercise.  Relaxation, deep breathing, concentration and physical alignment (form) have been correlated with higher quality of life (reduced stress and anxiety) and faster race times (lowered heart rate and increased lung capacity directly affect performance).

We train individuals who want to integrate elements of their spiritual practice within their exercise or athletic routines.  We offer private sessions for MMA fighters, triathletes, swimmers, marathon runners, rock climbers, and dancers.  Private sessions start at $60 per hour and are currently held in Boise, Idaho.  Michael is a triathlete, long-distance swimmer, has trained in Muay Thai, and has used this system of athletic training for over eight years.

The training includes breathing and concentration exercises, a focus on Yogic lifestyle and purposeful postures, and access to our library of books and training tools.

Initial sessions are 2 hours,with subsequent sessions running around 1 hour and can be booked on a weekly or biweekly basis, with a free consultation before beginning training.

Meditation and the Art of Being Training

Mindfulness and Life Balance Therapy with Michael combines elements of breath work, concentration activities and a basic Ayurvedic consultation.  These sessions provide clients with the tools necessary to feel connected to their body and mind even during the most stressful experiences in life.  Mindfulness approaches to healing focus the mind on the actual Experience of the Present (feelings, sensations, emotions) rather than the story created as a reaction to or result of the thoughts about that experience.   Here you can learn to be present with pain and discomfort rather than ignore or avert from that which causes suffering.  And in the long run, you can be left in control of your experience rather than being controlled by the whirls and whims of an untamed mind.  The Art of Being training uses yoga nidra (iRest) practices where you experience the spaciousness of life beyond mind, where you become the wellspring of peace and wellbeing.

These sessions last one hour.  The rate is $150 per hour.  Please contact Michael at 503-962-9025 to set up an appointment.  His home office is in Boise, Idaho and he also holds sessions at private homes for your convenience or over video conference.


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