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From the shared practices of Buddhism, Yoga, Ayurveda and Psychology we find the unlimited potential for Self realization, spiritual discernment, mental equanimity and social health. MHY offers classes, workshops and retreats on Yoga and Social Justice, Thai herbs and cooking, Vedic Athletics, Practical Buddhist Dharma, Yogic Philosophy, and Cultural Competency. We offer guidance on the whole health of body and mind through Yoga Nidra, meditation, breath work, listening, life-style planning and cultural introspection. We invite you to use this site to learn more about any of these topics, register for any event, and sign up for private mindfulness-based athletic training sessions.

News and Events

Future of Meditation Research

June 28th, 2013

Michael has been invited by Esalen Institute and the Institute of Noetic Sciences to be a part of an invitational scholarly research group.  He is the new project coordinator and event facilitator of this research group, whose goals are to:

  • Evaluate the current state of the field, in terms of content (what we can say we know about meditation based on the evidence) and methods (how we know it);
  • Assess essential types of meditation, and types and aspects of meditation that have been under-studied or excluded from the current scientific dialogue;
  • Explore the contexts within which meditation is taught, and the intentions and goals of practitioners;
  • Explore how our worldviews can limit the questions being asked, and therefore the knowledge that can or cannot be gained;
  • Review the relations of extraordinary experiences and abilities, and how they are favored, neglected, or suppressed by cultural, religious, and moral attitudes toward them;
  • Create a common list of measures that researchers may employ in their future research, and share what they find in a follow-up meeting;
  • Envision what a future, more inclusive, science of meditation would look like.

Michael is excited to be a part of this pioneering group of meditation researchers on behalf of the patients he serves at the VA hospital, as well as the underserved communities Michael still reaches out to.