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Maitri House Yoga promotes personal and social well-being along the intersection of spirituality, social justice, and psychology.

From the shared practices of Buddhism, Yoga, Ayurveda and Psychology we find the unlimited potential for Self realization, spiritual discernment, mental equanimity and social health. MHY offers classes, workshops and retreats on Yoga and Social Justice, Thai herbs and cooking, Vedic Athletics, Practical Buddhist Dharma, Yogic Philosophy, and Cultural Competency. We offer guidance on the whole health of body and mind through Yoga Nidra, meditation, breath work, listening, life-style planning and cultural introspection. We invite you to use this site to learn more about any of these topics, register for any event, and sign up for private mindfulness-based athletic training sessions.

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November Challenge!

November 8th, 2010

Thee rain and leaves start to fall, the weather becomes cool and we tend to nest.  What is our practice for Autumn?  In the name of health, well-being, inner peace and wisdom we challenge you to take up a once-a-day sitting practice for the month of November.  You can choose the length of the sit.  The challenge is that we do this every single day in this month and then report the “findings” to each other at the end.  We can check in daily, weekly, as much as you’d like.  Our goal is very simple: sit, once a day, for all of November!  Who’s in?